Hampta pass Trek Itinerary

Hampta Pass gets its name from the Hamta Village located at an altitude of 14,000 feet in the Pir Panjal region. while you travel the mountains passes from Manali to Chandra Tal Lake, the beauty around you is really amazing.

Hampta pass trek- the best time to go?

The best months to do Hampta pass trek are June and July is you love the snow as the biting cold weather can give you the ultimate chills. Experiencing snowfall at Hampta pass in June with temperatures falling to almost -15 degrees.

Quick Facts About Hampta Pass Trek:

1) Hampta Pass Trekking Distance: 35km

2) Hampta Pass Altitude: 14,100ft

3) Hampta Pass Trek Difficulty Level: Moderate

4) Electricity: There will be no electricity on the trek

5) ATM: You will find ATMs in Manali.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 (Manali to Jobra 19 km, drive 45 mins. Jobri to Chikka, 3–4 hours): Short drive from Manali, passing Prini, Sethan, and Jobra. The road ends at Jobri, and climbers will cross a small river and begin the trek from here. The route goes through mixed forests of pine, maple and eventually runs along the Hamta river. The day’s trek ends at Chikka, where there is a waterfall close to the campsite.

Day 2 (Chikka to Balu ka Ghera, 5–6 hours): Today’s route is more beautiful along the Hamta river to Jwara meadows. There is a shepherds’ hut and a tea shop here, so this spot is usually a refreshment or lunch stop. The trek proceeds from here to Balu ka Ghera. This is usually the stop for the night. It’s also the spot from where trekkers get their first views of Hamta pass.

Day 3 (Balu Ghera to Siagoru, cross Hamta pass, 7–8 hours): Now it is the time where you get to experience the landscape of the Himalayas in the Lahul and Spiti Valley.It will take about 3-4 hrs to reach Hamta Pass. You might meet shepherds at this high altitude pass who visit the valley. It is usually windy and cold in the Hmpta Pass, so most groups don’t stay for long. The campsite at Siagoru plain is the stop for the night and is considered one of the most scenic campsites on the trek.

Day 4 (Siagoru Chhatru, 5 hours): The trek ends at Chhatru. Many itineraries include a visit to Chandratal lake. Chhatru to Chandratal distance is 46 km. Those looking to visit Spiti valley. There is a bus between Manali – Kaza, which runs every day. All you have to do is find your seat. Chhatru to Kaza distance is 119 km. Those who want to visit Keylong and further travel to Leh. First, need to come to Gramphoo 17 km or further 5 km to Koksar. Daily, 1 Bus runs from Manali to Keylong.

Hampta Pass Trek- How to Reach?

Hampta pass trek starts from the famous Manali. There is an airport in Kullu, which is around 60 km from Manali, but very few flights operate. The best way to reach Manali is by an overnight bus from Chandigarh or Delhi. The travel time from Delhi to Manali is around 12 to 14 hours. The travel time from Chandigarh to Manali is approximately 8-10 hours.

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