Triund Trek Itinerary

Triund Trek is one of the most famous trekking trails in Dharamshala. Roughly situated 10km above the city of McLeodganj, the trek is known for its spectacular view of the snow-peaked Dhauladar range on one side and view of beautiful Kangra valley on the other side.

The final point of the trek is a beautiful grassy meadow where if you are lucky, the clouds descend down to give a blissful view. It’s a relatively easy trek that takes a maximum duration of four hours. The time duration can vary based on the starting point of the trek and the prior trekking experience of the trekkers.

What is the best time for Triund Trek

Except for January and February when the way to Triund is cut-off due to heavy snowfall, all other months are good for planning a trek to Triund. However, the best time is considered from March till May and then from September to December. From June to July it’s the rainy season and though trekking is possible, the path gets a bit slippery.

How to Reach Triund ?

One of the best things about Triund trek is the ease of access.

1. By Train

If you plan to trek on the day you reach McLeodGanj, it will be suitable to take an overnight journey which will ensure that you are properly energized and refreshed on the next day. You can check trains for New Delhi Railway station. Dhauladar Express is one of the best options.

2. By Bus

There are numerous buses, both private as well as government-owned that run on this route with final point being McLeodganj. You can take an overnight bus to reach the place as well.

3. By Car

You can easily drive up to McLeodganj. The roads are well-maintained however the journey can be tiring as it takes over 10 hours to travel by road from Delhi.

What all should I carry for the Triund Trek?

Even though the trek is about 6 km, it still has few steep slopes and it does get tiring towards the last 1km which is tougher due to the famous ’22 curves’ which require even more physical effort. Thus, it makes sense to carry as minimal weight as possible.

You should definitely carry enough warm clothing (at least 1 warm jacket and 1 woolen sweater), toiletries and tissue paper (be aware that only dry pits are available there), and power banks (though there will be no network at the final point of the trek). You may wear a cap, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from sunlight during the trek. As mentioned before, you can carry a few eatables as well.

Itinerary : (Delhi to Delhi)

Day 0 : Delhi to Mcleodganj

Gather at Kashmere Gate ISBT or Majnu ka Tila and from there we will board the Volvo bus to Mcleodganj by 7 PM. Mcleodganj is around 500 km from Delhi and it takes at least 11-12 hours to reach there. Enjoy the overnight Volvo journey.

Day 1 : Trek from Mcleodganj to Triund, 4-5 Hours

Open your eyes in the mighty mountains of Dhauladhars. We will reach there by 8 AM.

Tea and Breakfast on arrival. After breakfast, we start our trek towards Triund hill. The trek to Triund starts from Mcleodganj main chowk.

The gradient of the trek is easy except for some stretches and the total trekking distance is 9 km. The trail takes you through the dense forests of pine with some scenic views of valleys. It takes around 5-6 hours to reach Triund.

Triund is situated at an altitude of 2875 meters (9432 feet) above the sea level. After reaching there, enjoy the evening with views of Kangra Valley and have dinner. Night stay in camps.

Day 2 : Triund to McleodGanj to Delhi

Wake up and get mesmerized by the breathtaking views of Dhauladhars.

After breakfast, spend some time on Triund Hill and make memories and later start descending towards Mcleodganj. As usual, the downhill trek takes less time. We reach Mcleodganj by 4 PM. We will explore Mcleodganj and spend our time in a cafe. Later, we will board the Volvo bus to Delhi.

Reach New Delhi early Morning on the next day.

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